Megamend - Product Reviews

Wow your minerals really made a difference.  My zucchini, tomatoes and cucumbers have just gone crazy.  I recommended it on my facebook page.  I planted garden, left with our daughter for 2 weeks of music came while my husband watered and when I came back it was huge.  Another week later now, In 3 days, I got almost 40 zucchini from 4 or 5 plants. Zucchini and bell peppers grown with MegaMend. So far I have blanched and frozen 21 quarts of zucchini and they just keep coming.  The peppers in other years were tiny; now they look like the ones in the supermarket.  Cucumbers are starting, and the tomatoes are starting to ripen.  It will be a busy canning season.

Thanks for a great product.

Paula Mann - St Louis, MO


We have sandy soil and it is difficult to grow healthy plants. Used this product and plants are doing better.  Also put mulch on top as suggested.

LCpalmbay - Palm Bay, Fl

I have been planting my garden in the same soil for years. I have noticed the quality and quantity of my harvest vary from year to year. But haven't had a "WOW' in a long time. I know about crop rotation, compost and proper fertilizers, but never knew about the goodies this stuff has. Looking forward to getting my bragging rights back!

kerndtsr - Sacramento, CA

MycoApply Liquid Endo - Product Reviews

I have used Liquid Endo to inoculate my prune trees for years now. The greatest benefit I see is the extremely low loss from blow over in high winds, especially in young orchards. I attribute this to a larger root mass that holds my trees firmly in the soil even during adverse weather conditions. We used to expect tree losses in high wind, but no more.

Prune grower - Northern CA

I have used Agra Life minerals and MycoApply endo mycorrhizal inoculants for several years now on my tomatoes that go to the local Farmers Market. Last year I got behind and failed to order in time for planting so I left the Liquid Endo and minerals out of my cultural program. Was that ever a mistake! I had disease issues, poor quality and low yield. My customers really noticed the difference and they let me know it. I will never skip Liquid Endo or soil mineral amendments again!

Tomato grower - Yuba County, CA

I grow rice on alkali soils west of Willows. I use Liquid Endo because it mitigates root pruning that occurs under alkali soil conditions. I believe I get a better stand of rice under adverse soil and weather conditions. My head rice quality is consistently higher than that of my neighbors growing the same varieties as I do. I suspect that the mycorrhizae help the plant remain green after draining and maintain a more even kernel moisture as the field dries at harvest time.

Rice grower - Willows, CA

I just planted walnuts using Liquid Endo on the bare roots. In the fall prior to the spring planting date I incorporated compost blended with Megamend Minerals into the soil. The trees are growing very well and they displayed no sign of stress during the triple digit hot-spell we had recently.

Walnut grower - Corning, CA

Last fall I applied Liquid Endo and Super Sulfur Potash to my organic walnut orchards. My goal was to lower the soil pH. Early indications based on a particularly bad soil area that I tested are that the SSP lowered the pH in this field from 7.2 to 6.7 in less than one year. The SSP appears to be highly bio-active. It is no longer visible on the surface, but with the help of the soil microbiology has worked its way into the soil profile.

Organic Walnut grower - Northern California