Agra Life came into being as a way for Agra Marketing Group to bring its top quality products and experience with commercial scale farming and forestry industries to the small gardener and consumer.

Our team of dedicated agriculture professionals bring together the best products available in the agricultural industry. Our soil amendments and organic fertilizers enhance a grower’s most valuable resource – their soil. We provide products that feed your soil so your soil can feed your gardens, flower beds and lawns. We also have a complete line of sealant products for wood, metal and concrete surfaces. They are water based, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and VOC free.

We are operated under the direction of Nicholas B. Cartwright, Vice President of Operations and Timothy Lynch, Vice President of Marketing and Sales we bring together a team of knowledgeable people committed to working with conventional and organic growers with the primary goal of building optimum soil health for increasing yields and increasing nutrient dense products.

As Agra Marketing we have over 60 years agricultural experience dedicated to expanding markets that utilize recycled by-products generated by the agricultural, the forest industries and urban organic recyclers.

As Agra Life we are committed to providing the highest quality resources to organic and small scale growers and consumers.


About Our Sealant Products

In 1995, we began to develop Tricopolymer as an alternative to oil-based sealants. Our goal was to create a non-toxic sealant that would combat moisture issues, reduce labor costs, and help users avoid construction delays. Our sealants are a cost-effective solution to protect structures, especially in flood-zone areas, coastal regions, and more.

Do you watch any renovation TV shows? The renovators are always tearing out damaged wood and materials from the structure, which costs time and money, and adds difficulty to a project. Every structure is susceptible to water damage, so it is important to apply a sealant to all wood surfaces, especially in flood zones, hurricane zones, or salt water and coastal zones. 

Can the Tricopolymer be applied anywhere?

Imagine being able to seal most surfaces with a produce that is inexpensive and nontoxic. You could almost seal an entire house with AgraLife sealants;  every wood frame and concrete surface against water damage including fire resistance in the coating-applied to the structure all over. A win-win for all involved. Flood-Zone rated, the Tricopolymer can be applied on almost any surface in the construction world with numerous benefits occurring, thus becoming very valuable to the structure, Owner, and insurer over time.

Tested and applied by 150,000+ Consumers, millions of square feet applied, chemical design and components independently tested and verified for many years, real world result testing included. 

Why is AgraLife sealant offered under different labels? 

We designed more benefits to each protect type or label.

  • Kennel-Seal for Pet areas
  • Lumber-Seal for homes 
  • Conkrete-Seal for floor and block walls 
  • Garden-Seal for garden wood, green houses 
  • Cedar-Seal for cedar shingle walls 
  • Farm-Seal for wide range use
  • Fence-Seal for metal and wood fencing